Retirement Boarding  

Horsey Haven is not a typical boarding stable open to the public.  It is a private facility where each individual horse is treated like family.  Our focus is on excellent care for the elderly or retired equine.

For a very reasonable $325-$345 per month, your horse will relax safely in a semi-private pasture with a compatible buddy to share his retirement  days.  High quality hay and stable mix pellets are fed twice each day.  Services include providing fly masks, feeding of owner-supplied supplements, worming 4 times annually,  arranging for farrier or veterinary services.  You choose exactly how you want your horse cared for.  It's the next best thing to doing it yourself!


We are conveniently located only minutes from Loomis Basin Equine Medical Center, one of the most state-of-the-art animal hospitals in California.  Our farrier (Skip Hagemeier) and vet (Samia Macon DVM)are both outstanding.  We value these resources and relationships.  Our commitment to the safety and comfort of your horse is unsurpassed. 


If the time has come for your equine friend to retire, please consider providing a retirement home here with us.  You will sleep soundly knowing he is getting the best possible care in his elder years.