Horsey Haven has many large pastures, ranging from a half acre to several acres in size.  Each pasture is home for 1-2 horses.  Each pasture has a wooden 3-sided shelter and most also have treed areas.  Each horse has a separate feeder.  Some pastures have scratching posts installed. 


There is grass to nibble most of the year.   There is also a large grassy area available for hand-grazing.  Ranch hours are from sun up to sun down.

We have a Very pleasant wood barn where we keep two large (12x28) stalls available at all times in case of accident or illnesses, there is always a safe place to shelter your horse during recovery.


Although Horsey Haven is a non-riding facility, we have a sand arena where you may choose to turn out your horse to stretch his legs or go for a roll!  There is also a round pen, tack room, feed room and two wash racks.  There are many grooming areas as well as a picnic area for you to enjoy while visiting your retired friend.  In the fall, our small apple orchard provides extra treats for the horses!


We hope both you and your equine partner will enjoy the relaxing environment at Horsey Haven.